Standard Conception

The template was designed by standard conception of classic websites. The template includes one homepage and one standardised subpage that can be configured by your web conception. It enables a high level of customisation and many universal ways to use it in a lot of variations at your business.


Homepage Description

The Homepage is designed by the consideration to use for standard website requirements that could carry out many of your needs. It includes:

  • Header (logo)
  • Top menu
  • Slider (great slider by JavaScript efect slideshow)
  • Footer (classical footer same on every page)

Subpage Description

The Subpage is designed by the consideration to customisation of a different contents and components you may need. It includes:

  • Header (logo & language icons)
  • Top menu (horizontal menu & breadcrumb)
  • Right & Left Sidebar
  • Page contents (main page area)
  • Footer (classical footer with customizable amount of boxes)